Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The most common questions our prospective customers may have. Here you will find information to cover things like our return policy, product warranty info, etc. Check out the examples below.

Q. What types of surfaces does NSWW process work on?

Ceramic, Clay, Porcelain, Terrazzo, Marble, Granite and unsealed Concrete flooring. It can also be used on porcelain finished bathtubs.

Q. What is a Not Slippery When Wet Floor Treatment?

NSWW is a chemical solution micro-etching process that is used on natural stone flooring surfaces as a preventive measure to help reduce slip and fall accidents.

Q. Does NSWW process make flooring surfaces more slip resistant when dry and wet?

No, dry floors will look, feel and act the same as before. Wet surfaces will be significantly enhanced and traction increased making flooring surfaces safer.

Q. Does NSWW process change the appearance of treated surfaces?

There is none or very  slight visible change to any treated surface we do free testing of any of your surfaces so you can see any difference and try out it’s traction before we treat your entire flooring job and you pay for our services.

Q. Are the solutions used in the NSWW process a coating or topical solutions that have to be used as a weekly or monthly maintenance process to be effective?

No our process is not a coating, although it is applied as a liquid the non-toxic chemicals we use interact with the sand or silica that’s found in natural stone or mineral based surfaces then we neutralize and rinse clean, leaving a safer surface.

Q. Since the NSWW treatment is not a coating, how often should you have the treatments repeated?

Residential treatments come with a three (3) year guaranty and a commercial treatments come with a two (2) year guaranty so it really depends on how you feel the treated surfaces feel to you.  Flooring traffic patterns and cleaning habits are factors.

Q. After a NSWW floor treatment, how long do you have to wait before you can walk on the treated floors?

You don’t, you can walk on them immediately after they are rinsed clean even before they are dry. No additional down time is required after the job is completed.

Q. Is a NSWW treatment guaranteed?

Yes residential treatments come with a 3 year guaranty and commercial treatments have a 2 year guaranty to maintain slip resistance on all wet surfaces that are wax, grease and oil free.

Q. Once a flooring surface is treated by NSWW do I have to clean them any differently then I have previously?

No you can use any of the household or commercial cleaning products that you normally would use before the NSWW treatment. This is based on the manufacturers recommendations. 

Q. If I use NSWW services will I be able to save money on my home or business liability insurance?

It depends on your insurance company many will give you a discount  on your homeowners policy for getting the floors treated and some commercial insurance companies  will lower your premium  cost overall over time, based on the reduction in slip and fall accidents reported or claims filed.